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Patiala : The cleanest City of Punjab and 58th in India | Cleanest City of Punjab | PV BLOGS |

After watching the rankings of Swachh Survekhsan 2021, I decided to write this blog as on social media this news is getting trolled very heavily. You can have a glimpse at the table of contents to get a better understanding of this article.
1. Patiala ranked 58th in the Country.
2. City’s position in previous years.
3. Mayor’s word on this success
4. Former CMs Comment and Municipal Commissioner’s word

Patiala is 58th cleanest City in India | the Cleanest City of State – Punjab

If we go through the rankings of Swach Sarvekshan 2021 then we can clearly see that Patiala has secured the first rank in the state and if we continue the list then SAS Nagar (Mohali) has bagged the second position. All over the country, Patiala is the 58th cleanest city. Patiala is a city that is blessed by its traditional structure which includes a lot of Monumental and Historical Buildings like Quila Mubarak, Mai Ji Di Sarai, Ghalori Gate ( Know known as C.I.A. Staff), Shahi Samadhan and many more. The impact of these buildings and the built structure of the city has a direct relation with its cleanliness and neatness.

Patiala’s Previous years Ranking in terms of Cleanliness

In 2020 Patiala has grabbed the 86th Position all across the country and In 2017 the City was on 411th all across the country in terms of cleanliness.
Before 2017 The old Patiala used to have Small Drains within the streets which were the main cause of Diseases and gave a dirty and unclean look to the city,  No doubt Municipal Corporation, Mayor Sanjeev Sharma and Commissioner Poonamdeep Kaur have worked very hard to bring Patiala into a very improved condition. Now, most of the drains have been closed and underground pipes have been installed which is a better solution.

Mayor’s Word on this Achievement

Sanjeev Sharma who is the mayor of the city congratulated the citizens of Patiala and said that this was the result of the contribution of Residents of Patiala and became possible only because of hard works and efficient working of Patiala Municipal Corporation Workers. Mayor added to his statement ” We are improving in terms of ranking every year. From 411 in the year of 2017 now we are standing at 58th in the country and first position in Punjab. It is a collective effort of each and every worker of Municipal Corporation. Besides, Councillors played a very crucial; role by awaring people of their respective wards.

Efforts made by MCP

Sanjeev Sharma said ” 106 semi underground bins at various 37 places in Patiala had been pitted in addition to six material recovery facility centres were built. MC has already completed the construction of four hundred and fifty – 450 Composting pits across the city.

Captain Amrinder Singh’s Comment on this Achievement.

Patiala: The cleanest City of Punjab and 58th in India | Cleanest City of Punjab | PV BLOGS| CAPTAIN AMARINDER SINGH |

Former CM of Punjab, Amarinder Singh congratulated the people of Patiala by tweeting through his official Twitter handle and saying that ” Congratulations to Patiala Residents for making the Patiala Cleanest city in Punjab. It has been a steady journey from standing on All India rank 411 and then jumping to 58th in the bright year of 2021. He also praised District Administration,  Mayor, Councillors and MC officials.

Municipal Commissioner’s Statement

Vineet Kumar who is the Municipal Corporation Commissioner also congratulated to the people of Patiala City and added to his statement ” With this success, the responsibility of every resident has also been increased” Everyone should make their respective efforts to improve the ranking in the coming years.
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